Enhance your life with light.

About Us

LightTherapyHeals.com is designed to help you improve some important aspect of your life by offering help for numerous conditions ranging from acne to wrinkles, seasonal affective disorder to pain, and skin rejuvenation to sports injuries.  You are facing a unique problem and need a solution.  Light therapy may be the answer.  LightTherapyHeals.com was created with you in mind and offers a variety of systems so that you can finally get the results you’re looking for.

Light therapy is a powerful drug-free option that allows you to make improvements quickly and easily.  The gentle lights emit very specific properties that treat a multitude of conditions.  Each system is designed to address specific needs while the different colors treat unique problems.

All of the systems offered here at LightTherapyHeals.com are state-of-the-art with advanced technology and have been proven to produce great results.  If you have questions or concerns please contact us at info@lighttherapyheals.com

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