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A Powerful Arthritis Remedy at Home

Arthritis Remedy

Suffering with this painful condition can zap all of your joy and energy.  Tasks that once seemed so simple are now difficult and painful.  There is an arthritis remedy you can do in your own home that will dramatically ease you pain and increase your range of motion without drugs.

The DPL Therapy System and the dpl Nuve offer immense benefits for this debilitating condition.  The DPL System combines red and infrared LEDs (light emitting diodes) into two large panels that can easily be strapped anywhere on the body.  While the dpl Nuve is a handheld unit that also combines red and infrared LEDs into one head which can be held on different areas.

It may seem unfathomable that something as simple as light could make such a huge impact.  Light in very specific wavelengths is able to saturate your tissue, cells, joints, tendons, and even bones where they prompt over 24 different positive reactions.  You have to try it to discover how powerful it really is.
Just read what people just like you have to say:Arthritis Remedy

“Like a lot of senior citizens, I have pain in my knees. They not only ache, but they sometimes feel as if they’re going to buckle. The DPL Therapy system is a big help in reducing the pain in my knee joints, and in soothing the leg cramps that sometimes go with it. I’m especially grateful for the Velcro strap that lets me tie the DPL panels in place on sore knees.  The strap is very comfortable and secure and keeps the panels from sliding down or falling off while I’m sitting on a chair or lying in bed.”
Gloria S.

“I wanted to let you know my mom has been using the DPL for pain she was having in her arm. After the first use she was able to sleep through the night without her arm bothering her. We took a trip this week to Hot Springs Arkansas and she was telling everyone about the product in the bathhouse we visited. She’s 68 years old and has arthritis. She has a physical job, lifting and such, working in the school cafeteria. Her shoulder and wrist have bothered her for about a year now. She lived on Ben Gay and Icy Hot Patches. After using the DPL she felt like she’d found a miracle. Much to her surprise as well. She tried it just to humor me.  Thought you might like the positive feed back. Have passed your contact information to a few people”

Jen TX

“A short note to advise you of how I successfully used your product. In short, I had badly bruised the bottom of my feet walking barefoot on a river rock pavement. Walking after this was very painful. I decided to try your DPL panels by placing them on the floor and resting my feet on them while sitting. Some relief was apparent after the first use, and after about three or four days I was able to walk with little discomfort. With continued use the soreness was gone.  On another occasion after having strained my shoulder lifting a heavy object, applying the panel to the sore muscle also provided noticeable relief.  Thanks for coming up with this product. It has worked for me.”
Edward J S.

Red LEDs ranging from 625-660 nanometers increase collagen production, prompt cellular repair, and increases circulation.  Infrared LEDs ranging from 830-880 nanometers promote healing and replenish your cells.  The combination of the two powerful LEDs is almost unstoppable and sets the following in motion.

1.  Increases vascularity.  This speeds up the healing process by carrying more oxygen and nutrients to your area of concern.

2.  Blocks pain transmitting chemicals.

3.  Stimulates endorphins which facilitates long term pain relief.

4.  Increases lymphatic system activity.  This process evacuates both parts of edema (liquid and protein) relieving swelling.

5.  Increases RNA and DNA synthesis which helps to replace damaged cells more quickly.

6.  Reduces Inflammation

The dpl Nuve has been featured on the Dr. Oz show due to its effectiveness in treating pain and the DPL II contains the same technology on a larger scale.   You can dramatically ease your arthritis pain and get back to enjoying life with the help of LED light therapy.   It’s a simple, convenient, safe, and extremely effective arthritis remedy.   Try it for yourself and see how quickly you can feel pain free.


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  • Always people have been looking for some special medication that would help in reducing the muscle, knee, joint pains. Light therapy is one of the treatments for arthritis. They offer an effective result for dealing with the complications associated with Psoriatic Arthritis. This therapy has been helpful in reducing the inflammation, pain and stiffness and allowing the sufferers to have a bother free sleep.

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