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The Best Product for Fighting Acne

best product for acne

Acne is a very frustrating skin condition that can keep you from truly being yourself and zap your self-confidence with no apologies.  Whether it’s one blemish or a face covered with spots you may feel that your acne describes who you are and is what people see you to be.  But it’s a condition, an affliction, that doesn’t define who you are but is only a problem that you can overcome.

So, you may be asking what is the best product for acne?  Light therapy, or Blue acne light treatments offer tremendous help for those suffering with this frustrating skin condition and the best part is they can be done in your own home.

Acne is a common and chronic skin disorder that affects millions of people.  It is an inflammatory condition of the oil glands and hair follicles that begins with destructive bacteria called P. acnes.

Blue LED (light emitting diode) wavelengths in the 415-445 nanometer range permeate into the skin where their intense properties kill P. acnes, stabilize oil glands, and regulate oil production.   As the blue LEDs penetrate into the acne they have the ability to not only kill the bacteria, but to also treat inflammation that has not responded to other treatments.

Blue LED light therapy is an alternative that is non-invasive, drug-free, and painless for treating mild to moderate acne.  It’s easy to incorporate in your own home with systems such as the Caribbean Sun Blue/Red Pro and the dpl Nuve Blue.

Caribbean Sun Red/Blue Pro

The Caribbean Sun Blue/Red Pro combines blue and red LEDs into a hands-free unit making it extremely convenient.  The blue LEDs destroy the bacteria and regulate your oil production while the red LEDs accelerate healing and reduce the duration of existing blemishes.  The red LEDs also help reduce scarring resulting in a more even complexion.

dpl Nuve Blue

The dpl Nuve Blue is a handheld unit that contains 60 blue LEDs.  You simply use the unit for 3 minutes on each affected area twice a day until the acne is gone.

Using an acne light treatment at home puts you on the right path to clear skin.  One thing to note, however, is that blue LEDs have the potential to damage your eyes.  Therefore, it’s necessary that you wear the protective goggles for each session.  Both the Caribbean Sun unit and the dpl Nuve blue come with goggles.

Whether you are a teen or an adult suffering with this disparaging condition the easiest and best product for acne is blue light therapy.  You don’t have anything to lose but that stubborn acne.

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